How to Explore the crossroads


 A capable Grocer is constantly making decisions – some small and many very big. If he is confident that he has all the necessary information to fully understand his choices the decisions are made quickly and effectively.

The challenge for many is when the topic is outside of his area of confidence – at these “crossroads” he may pause and he may falter.

Crossroads happen at many times in a Supermarket lifecycle. Often at these crossroads we feel we are facing a stretch of road where no one else has ever had to tread – or at least one where no one has provided a reliable map of the options. Perhaps worse yet, the resources at these crossroads sometimes seem to have their own agenda causing us to question if all options have been fairly and accurately described.

Who do you trust when the road splits and you don’t know of the accuracy of the map you have in your hand?

This is where NGA comes in…

The trusted source to the Grocery Industry for years – the source that understands the Industry and the players but which “doesn’t have a horse in the race”.

What Now?

  1. Check out our highlighted video below – and the other videos listed by topic and click on one…
  2. Hear a story – see an old friend – know you are not alone…
  3. Then, once you’ve watched the video – if anything said there caught your attention, click on the hyperlink in the transcript.

I'm in! Let's try it!

At The NGA we look forward to serving you and your business and your family as you walk your path in life and as you face your own

Crossroads of Business and Family….

The crossroads

Meet Steve Wallace: From third generation grocer to selling his stores to retire...

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