Our Journey through the crossroads

What is NGA Crossroads?

 A web-based resource where every week a different story is highlighted. The stories are NGA members (grocers, suppliers, and wholesaler’s) and what they say is up to them – no script. 

Some of your friends and peers, some of the people in the industry you have heard of but perhaps never actually met. People like you with real stories to tell as they face real crossroads in the life of their business and their family.

That might be interesting but how does this help me?

  •  Have you ever wondered if you are alone as you face a decision or a situation in your life?
  •  Is it possible there are situations where you didn’t even realize there was a question or an option? 


You may be thinking, "Ok, I’m not alone but I still don’t know any answers to these questions…"

  • The blue Hyper-link in the transcripts of each video will take you to a list of topics applicable to the crossroad you clicked on…

  • The information is top-notch and unbiased – as you would expect from NGA. We are not here to tell anyone what they should do – we are giving you a list and some understanding of the choices and implications of options so you can make your own informed decisions with whatever support you may choose.

  • You will also have access to the authors of these topic discussions if you wish to ask specific questions as may apply to your situation – It’s confidential and it’s free.

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